Alison Uhma

Alison Uhma is visual artist living in Sydney, Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia. She works primarily in illustration, animation and comic book making. She uses a range of media to render and explore the interrelations of self and body, people, nature, and technology; employing humour to both amplify and defuse the inherent tensions of these interrelations. Alison is interested in the capacity of storytelling to both extract personal truth and remedy broken relationships with the self and others. She is currently completing the first serial in a graphic memoir entitled From the Other One, about a daughter's relationship with her mother and the devastation of Alzheimer’s Disease. Alison works out of a shared studio space in the historic North End of Sydney.

For the Mini Creative Soul Weekend -

Graphic Memoir Workshop 

2.5 - 3 hour workshop exploring the art of graphic memoir making

Workshop Description:

This Graphic Memoir workshop will focus on creating a brief autobiographical narrative. Sharing stories in this manner is a popular and important form of personal expression and art making. The workshop will focus on the theme of beginning, and leads from some group drawing into the creation of a personal narrative. Participants will work to create one page (size 10 x 13 inch) of work inspired by the theme of beginning. A resource and inspiration library is made available to all attendees. Participants are asked to bring a sketchbook, and any art supplies they like working with. Supplies other than a sketchbook are provided. Experience in drawing is not necessary, just you!


Participants, please come prepared with:

  • Sketchbook 

You will be provided the following: 

  • Pencils

  • Uni-ball black in pens (participants take one home with them) 

  • Coloured Pencils 

  • Paper