On The Power of Nature

Hey everyone!

Happy August! Emily and Leah here, co-creators of the Creative Soul Weekend. We’re here in your inbox with the third of four personal essays by Leah on topics near and dear to our Creative Soul hearts. This past month we’ve been whetting your appetites for the upcoming retreat in September by reminding you of why we get together for the weekend in that lovely little cabin and play.

There is one more essay to come next week, then we’ll be sharing the details of what we have planned, and opening registration! A little birdie told me it might happen on August 17th...


- Emily & Leah

On The Power of Nature

Ahhhh… mama nature. You know, there is a reason we hold the Creative Soul Weekend in a cabin by the ocean, instead of a hotel in downtown Sydney, and that reason is nature. If you’re still on our newsletter list chances are you’re like us -- you’re a woman who gets her creative cup refilled by some form of nature. You can be a camper like Emily or a gardener like me, or a thousand different variations therein. Nature is going home, it’s taking the time to attend to our soul-needs.

Clarissa Pinkola Estes wrote of going home: “For some, home is a forest, a desert, a sea. In truth, home is holographic. It is carried at full power in even a single tree, a solitary cactus in a plant shop window, a pool of still water. It is also at full potency in a yellow leaf lying on the asphalt, a red clay pot waiting for a root bundle, a drop of water on skin.”

I love that paragraph. It gives me permission to find rejuvenation in even the smallest bit of nature, and to look for it, like a talisman.

There are many studies that prove the healing power of nature, and the necessity of it for human health, which is good, because sometimes I need a reminder. Sometimes when I have spent too long rushing from one thing to another, getting caught up in trying to Do It All, I need that scientific evidence to remind myself to just sit and watch: a bird, a bush with leaves rustling in the wind, the sky with a cloudscape slowly changing. You’d think that the sense of peace I feel afterward would be evidence enough, but I forget. We all forget, but thankfully we remember quickly with practice. With going to nature.

Last year during the Creative Soul Weekend, we took full advantage of our rural location: we did yoga on the deck overlooking the ocean. We ate our breakfast on the deck too. We went for two swims. We dyed silk scarves using rocks to tie the silk around, and then we hung the scarves on a clothesline so the wind could dry them, on a hillside looking out over a river, sand dunes, the ocean. And later on, after dinner, after the sun had gone down and the moon had risen, I put on my sandals and went for a little walk alone to the beach. The group of women were fun, but I needed some alone time -- it had been a full day. I took my sandals off when I got to the fine sand, and walked barefoot down to the water. I let the small waves lick at my toes. I looked up at the moon and stars, and felt myself relax. I felt myself release, and rejuvenate.

I hope this newsletter reminds you of that power of nature -- I certainly need as many reminders as I can get! Right now as I write this, my window is open and a breeze is coming in. The cat is asleep in a patch of sun on the floor. And the plants in my office give me that dose of nature that I don’t even realize I need until I don’t have it. I’m so looking forward to next month, to spending time with you, sharing the rejuvenation of nature.

And like last week when we asked you to share your self-care practices (and thank you to those who responded -- we loved chatting with you!) this week we’d love to hear how you get your daily recommended dose of nature and what it does for you.