Refilling Your Creative Cup

We’ve been talking about the four themes of the Creative Soul Weekend over the past month or so, and today brings me to the last one: refilling your creative cup. It’s similar to the previous themes of self-care, the power of nature, and connecting with other creative women -- you could call these things the "holy trinity" of being a creative woman, except there are four of them, lol.

Anyway, the creative cup we all have, and that we all draw from to do the work or hobbies we do, gets emptied in the course of our work. This is normal, and it's OK. But we've got to fill them back up again. You know what fills yours, and if you don’t, I invite you to take a few minutes to sit with your pen and a journal, and brainstorm out your answer to the question: what returns you to a state of feeling refreshed, creatively? (And maybe it’s as simple as that, just sitting and writing in a journal! It can be that straightforward.)

Other things that might do it:

  • Saying No to someone else and Yes to yourself
  • Rearranging the art on your walls
  • Playing with rocks on the beach
  • Taking a class at the local art gallery or craft centre
  • Cleaning your space
  • Listening to a good podcast
  • Making a new recipe from scratch
  • Cranking some good tunes and dancing in your kitchen

For me, whatever activity I do, what refilling my creative cup looks like is twofold:. (1) Taking a break from my work. It can be as short as a coffee break, or as long as a whole weekend away. (2) Doing something a little bit new or different, something that forces my mind to break away from its habits. This could be going for a walk down a street I don’t often walk down, checking out an art exhibit, or trying a new skill.

Me, hanging my scarf up on the line to dry. 

Me, hanging my scarf up on the line to dry. 

Last year at the Creative Soul Weekend, my creative cup got filled all the way to the top -- even while my cup was drained at the same time! Putting on the CSW is a creative act for Emily and I, but we also got to take part in the events. We did the yoga, we played with the art supplies on the table, and we went to Ann and Charlotte’s beautiful studio on the hillside. There, we tried our hands at a new skill: dying a silk scarf. Nearly a year later, I can still vividly remember the light of the late afternoon hitting the scarves drying in the wind, the way they all glowed like jewels. The impact of that special moment filled my creative cup like a rushing spring and it stayed full for weeks after. 

What about you? What do you do to refill your creative cup? We'd love to hear. And if you're not already on our newsletter, get on it here, as there is news coming next week about registration for this year's CSW!! Whoop whoop!