What's Next for Creative Soul Weekend?

Hello all you Creative Souls!

We hope this email finds you all well, wherever you are, whether your location is somewhere in the Maritimes or elsewhere on our beautiful planet. And we hope that the first month of 2017 has been good to you, and to your family and community.

We’re writing to touch base with all of you and let you know what’s next for the Creative Soul Weekend retreat! This is the third year for our collaboration, and as all creative projects do, ours is evolving and shifting. We’ve spent the last couple of months thinking and talking about what we love about the project so far, and what we would like to change. And we’ve decided to shift the project in a new direction.

We’ll explain:

This year’s retreat will still happen, but it will be more informal. We’ll rent the same cabin by the beach, for the dates Sept 14-17, and you are all invited to join us there, as usual. But instead of the way we’ve done it the past two years, where the two of us plan the activities, and then sell the retreat to you as our customers, for whom we then act as hosts, this year, whoever wishes to come will help to plan what we do, and we’ll all split the costs.

We foresee there being more free time. Fewer planned activities.
More relaxing. Less worrying about sticking to the schedule.
More creating – whatever that means to you. (Leah wants to use a few hours of the time to hide away and write. Emily wants to go on a few walks with her camera and journal. But that likely will change between now and then.)

If we want to do yoga, we’ll see about getting a yoga instructor.

If we want to do a creative workshop, we’ll talk to each other about what kind, and how.

If we’d rather hang out in the cabin for three solid days, walking on the beach, cooking food, doing jigsaw puzzles, talking about life, or whatever else, we’ll do that.

This change takes the pressure off Emily and I to sell the retreat as a product, year-round. Because: We’re both shifting in our own lives, in different ways, and no longer have the bandwidth to take the CSW retreat in the direction of a side business. Leah has a new role at work (hurrah!) and is scaling back her commitments to side projects in order to do her very best work at her job. And Emily is expanding her freelance design business (yay!), which requires more of her time, in order to do her very best work. As well, we’re both heeding our desire for more free, unstructured time in our homes, with our families. So, that’s why we’re shifting this beloved project of ours so that it is less work, and more pleasure, for us. And we hope you’ll join us! (We are incredibly grateful for all your support so far, too - we want it to clear we’ve had a blast these last couple of years doing the retreat in the way we have.)

So – let us know, sometime over the next few months, if you’d like to come and be part of the third year of the Creative Soul Weekend, with us. We’ll reach out again sometime in the early Summer, too, to remind you and ask you again. But do note that it will be first-come-first-serve, and that there are only four beds available (after Emily and I), so if you’re interested now, let us know as soon as you can. (To give you a rough idea of price, for three nights, the cabin costs $872.  The base price for accommodation will depend on how many people come. At the most, it will be $290 (split among three) and at the least it will $145 (split among six).)

With heaps of love and good wishes for your own creativity and your own life balancing!

Leah and Emily xo