Self Care

Body Love

Happy February! And happy week of Love - both Galentine’s Day and Valentine’s Day, and the explosion of red and pink and roses all over the shops. Whether you think it’s great or hate the commercialism, it’s impossible to escape the dreamy theme this month.

This month we’re thinking about the manifesto we wrote last month, and especially the line “All bodies are worthy of space, respect and self-care.” We’re taking this love and this line literally and loving our bodies. Leah got a tattoo last month that admittedly was a cute flash piece she just wanted, but getting it on the side of her belly represents loving her body and its rolls and squishy bits.

And Emily is …… beyond excited to read this book! February is a big month of love for her. Especially self love. Her birthday is February 11th so between this day and Valentine’s Day she makes sure to do something nice for myself this time of year. It helps her get through this dark, cold time of winter too. This year she bought herself a new book, Project Body Love by Jessie Harrold. Emily’s been following Jessie’s work on transformation, transitions, wellness, and connecting with your wild woman self for a while now. Her words always seems to resonate in just the right way. This is Jessie’s first book, exploring her journey and struggle to love her body and the realizations she’s made along the way. We think any person in the world can relate to this quest. Emily cannot wait to dive into this one!

We also loved this piece by one of our favourite bloggers about ten years of taking self-portraits and why it’s important to love your body here and now.

We love you! And think you’re great. Just as you are.

Mind Your Light

Well, congratulations. You made it through January. You made it past Blue Monday, and through typically the leanest and hardest month of the year. Culturally we hang so much weight, so much meaning, on the turn of a new year, and feel like we “should” hit the ground running and guns blazing, but energetically this is the time of year for hibernating, for going inward. Our intention of total reinvention goes directly opposite to our resources, our limits. It’s a tough one to weather.

Recently Leah was scrolling Instagram and a friend’s post caught her eye. Tim Damon (account is private) wrote,

“Today, I was speaking with a loved one about the nature of feeling stuck. While I think it is important to hold space for our emotions to come up, I also think it’s important to get out of our own way and engage in activities that elevate our bodies, minds and spirits (especially this time of year!) That said, I am launching a new project and you’re all welcome to get on board. Between now and March 21, I will be posting images with the hashtag #mindingmylight and invite you to do the same. Many people suffer in silence with their mental health. These images have the potential for creating positive change in our community by inspiring others and sharing a simple yet profound message “You’re not alone”. Let’s shine a light on mental health. We’re all in this together.”
— TimDamon

We love this idea - not just about shining a light on mental health but also the idea of minding your own light. We think of it as a fragile tea light flame, something small enough to cup in your hand yet still powerful. To “mind your light” is to care for that fragile yet fiery part of yourself: your mind and your spirit.

Tim’s project calls us to think daily - How can I mind my light today? How can I cup my hands around the tealight and make sure the winds don’t blow it out?

And most importantly - his project reminds us that we’re all in this together. You, me, your friends, your neighbours, all the people in your community who you’ve never met: we are all human. We are all fragile. We all have that little tealight that we’re each minding. Not one of us has this whole “being human” thing figured out. So let’s help each other - that’s what (we think) we’re all here for, in the end.