Host Your Own Art Derby


What's an Art Derby you ask? Only the coolest way to just let go, get creative and collaborate on something unexpected.

In 2016 we visited with Ann and Charlotte at Ann Schroeder Studios in Mabou, NS. We were there for the second time (check out highlights from 2016 here) to dye silk scarves - Ann's signature workshop. Like the previous year we were split into two groups. While one group was in the studio working on their custom creations the other was upstairs being hosted by Charlotte. She had a new treat up her sleeves for us this year. She introduced us to something that Leah dubbed "The Art Derby."


The Art Derby went like this:

  1. Everyone sat around the table with a sheet of paper.

  2. We set the timer for a minute. 

  3. Everyone created something on their piece of paper with the materials provided.

  4. The timer went off and everyone passed the paper to the person on their left.

  5. The timer was set again for one minute.

  6. This continued until the papers made their way back to the people who had started them.

When the sheet of paper returns back to you it's nothing like what you handed off to the person on your left. It's so much better. Every person along the line put their own style and inspired marks on the paper and turned it into a unique piece of work. Some got us laughing and some we wanted to hang on our walls.


Why not host your own art derby? The best part is there's no rules or restrictions (other than being timed). Just gather as many art making materials you can and a group of girlfriends, or try this with your kids, and get to creating. You'll get the creative vibes going, have some good laughs, and you may even surprise yourself with some really beautiful pieces.