Creativity Countdown is on! Here's what's in store for the next two months.

Hey everyone!

Emily and Leah here, co-creators of the Creative Soul Weekend. We hope you just finished enjoying a wonderful long weekend, whether you were celebrating Canada Day or Independence Day. And, as well, we hope that your year has been going great so far, with lots of creativity, making and connection filling it.

It’s currently July and that means that the second annual Creative Soul Weekend is only two months away! The dates, in case you missed our email from March, will be September 9th, 10th and 11th. So we thought it’s time for us to poke our heads up online and begin whetting your appetite for the Creative Soul Weekend 2016.

First, this month, we’ll share an essay a week by Leah on topics near and dear to our “Creative Soul” hearts: 1- why we get together with other women, 2- the importance of self-care (and all the different forms self-care can take), 3- why we need nature for rejuvenation, and -4- the importance of refilling your creative “cup,” whether you work as a creative or have a creative hobby.

Then in August, once we have all the details of the weekend firmed up, we’ll share with you the practitioners who will help bring the Creative Soul Weekend to life. Some will be the same as last year and we’ll have some new ones too!

And then, in mid-August we’ll open registration for six spots to take part in a truly wonderful weekend in Port Hood, by the sea.

So stay tuned! And in the meantime, check out the website, where Emily has been busy adding photos from last year’s weekend and testimonials from the women who took part.