An Interview with: Danielle Bryson

Health and Wellness Practitioner for 20 Years • Compassionate Care Assistant • Yoga Teacher & Nidra Teacher • Reiki Master



You're an advocate mental health and wellness. In what ways has building a community around your creative business benefited you and the women you work with?

Mental Health & Wellness is top priority for me. Our minds and energy swim together like two fish. Where one goes, the other follows. I try to lead by example and strive to offer a space that allows for a clear mind and positive energy. In the hopes that you take what you’ve experienced with me and share it with others. Good medicine multiplies when shared!

How does movement and yoga play a role in fostering your creativity?

Movement medicine is my main creative outlet. My body, energy & presence are fed by this movement. This is my canvas, to create a shape or sensation. To loose that internal chatter, even for a few briefs moments, is BLISS! I can reach that place best through Yoga, Dance and Song.


Do you have any experience with burnout? How did you or are you overcoming this?

Burnout can come on slick and fast. So if your not paying attention to the amount of energy you dispense and where.....Burnout shows up knocking on the door with a fat fist and you weren’t prepared for visitors. We become short & angry when we aren’t fuelling ourselves. Check in with yourself often, ask where your engaging your energy and if your being nourished. 

How does your creativity impact other areas of your life?

As a care giver CREATIVITY is very important. Going with the flow & thinking outside the box. Creativity doesn’t always mean a physical product will be the outcome. Sometimes my creativity produces a “Feeling” and I’m all about creating a fabulous feeling for others.

On Embracing Self Care:

I schedule time for myself, the same way I put aside time for others. I define self care as ANYTHING you do solely for yourself. And I make it a priority/ like a special event marked in my planner.

On Refilling Your Creative Cup:

I surrounding myself with inspiring ladies! We are so blessed to live on such a talented and creative island. One day I’m fuelled by a walk in nature with great people. I’m moved by the wicked support I receive from my Archery Club. Or perhaps it’s signing up for an embroidery workshop at Victoria Country Creates. Filling my cup on CB is easy, sometimes it’s finding a big enough cup to hold all that is on offer is the hard part. 

On Nature and Outdoors:

I crave the fresh air above me and the solid ground below me. It reminds me of the “Big” beautiful picture. Settles my mind and ignite’s my spirit.

On Community:

My greatest passion and honour in life is to share healing tools. I created Black Stove Studio so my community had a safe and supportive space. This lil space in Big Baddeck is inclusive, welcoming and definitely represents my giving quirky personality.


To me, "creative power” means standing in my truth, and sharing that truth with my community.


What is something you have always wanted to try?

I grew up hearing the ladies in my family talk about weekly ceramics classes. Molding something with my hands and sealing it with fire! That’s something I’ve always wanted to do CERAMICS/POTTERY

What advice to you have for someone struggling with creative blocks?

Dance, Dance, Daaaaance! Shake it off siSTAR! Don’t get stuck on being stuck. This to will pass and the creative juju will once again flow. Because all blocks can be shook lose with a good solid BOOGIE!

I’m extremely fortunate to have a group of inspiring and creative ladies around me. Living on Cape Breton Island is like being a box of Light Anywhere’s super easy to get fired up! 
— Danielle Bryson


Something to Read - Siddhartha by Hermann Hesse

Something to Watch - The Fall By Tarsem Singh

Something to Listen to - Bat for Lashes

Something to Make - A self portrait 

Somewhere to Visit - Gampo Abbey Buddhist Monastery/ Pleasant Bay, CB


Thanks for all the great photos Danielle!! <3 Check her out on Instagram!