An Interview with: Robin Scott

A social worker from the East Coast of Canada and founder of - A site devoted to Empaths and our unique set of energetic and emotional needs.


What do the words "creative power" mean to you?

Creative power is the sacral chakra! But also, a power to heal. Because I feel strongly that embracing our creativity is how we heal ourselves and in turn, humanity. Because reclaiming our creativity is reclaiming our power, especially as women. For so long we’ve been told who we are and how to be and creativity is our way of saying, no more. “I’m going to do it my way ~ I’m going to be ME.”


You send out a weekly self care reminder to your newsletter list which reminds us to be aware of and honour own needs. In your experience why do you think it so difficult for us to truly take care of ourselves?

As Empaths, our energy system is designed as a chalice (a cup) so it’s easy to pour ourselves empty.

We’ve been taught this is a good thing, but as we learn, we learn it’s not. We need to be balanced. My reminders work to activate the lower chakras by sharing what I’m personally working through  because we are a collective and are all working through the same things. I share what’s happening in my life to activate the lessons in those reading. It’s actually really beautiful and something I never planned! Writing in this way is a big part of my mission on this planet.

When we begin to work on our lower chakras and start to meet the lessons we are asked to learn, taking care of ourselves becomes a lot more natural.

We become self-centered, and from there begin to heal from a place of wholeness, not wounding.

Because giving, giving, giving doesn’t make you a good person (that’s programming we are transcending as a community) it means you have energy leaks and deep wounding (from past lives, childhood, etc.) that are screaming for attention. When we learn to give AND take, those who take learn the same ~ just opposite.

And things begin to balance naturally <3


You do a lot of work with balancing chakras. Can you give us a small taste of how working with chakras can affect our creativity?

Creativity is governed by the Sacral Chakra, but in Empaths, we have to work on our Solar Plexus. Because we don’t need help being creative, we need support in understanding the worth of that creativity. Especially when it comes to pay. We also have to do work on the Throat Chakra (our authenticity and how our authenticity plays a role in the collective and what it’s needing) to remember that our creativity really does make an impact on this planet and we were given a specific set of skills ~ whatever those skills might be ~ to help others and ascend humanity into a higher way of being.

I walk folks through the Empath Chakra System and give specifics on how to heal each at It’s free!


What if any boundaries do you have in place for your creative time?

One of the ways my creativity comes through is through ‘problem solving’ ~ I’m very creative in how I support people in working through things. And that’s why I love being an entrepreneur and creating worksheets and programs and working with people 1:1,  but for a long time I didn’t value this skillset and spent a lot of time answering people’s emails about their hardships and situations for free because it came really easy to me.

But as my community grew and I started getting more and more emails from people with their life stories I had to face myself and my lack of boundaries.

These days I am selective in who or what I respond to. I feel my way through things so my boundaries are intuitive, not concrete. But I do answer emails MUCH less and feel no shame in sending people my payment links if what they are asking for oversteps my internal sense of worth and requires they pay me.


Do you have any experience with burnout? How did you or are you overcoming this?

YES. The fire (Aries) in me burns me out easily. I burn out regularly. It’s just how I work. I don’t plan to overcome it, I plan to continue to heighten my awareness of it; so I can work with the energy when it’s happening. Some things that help are baths with flowers (burnout is an overwhelm of Masculine energy, water and flowers are Feminine so it balances things), going to the forest, journaling, talking with people who get me or -- napping. <3


How does your creativity impact other areas of your life?

My creativity is hot and cold and that leaks into the other areas of my life in both big and sneaky ways. One is that I go into a cave and avoid most things when I’m creating. Sometimes eating and sleeping! I learned early on that I don’t ‘work’ in a traditional way and that’s okay. It’s just important I communicate with those around me when I go into the creative caves because being so hot and cold can affect relationships if it doesn’t come with honesty.


On Embracing Self Care:

YouTube videos! I love watching other Intuitives and learn about what they are going through, it makes me feel much less alone. I also love to sit on the grass and tune into my heart. And visit a spot I found a few years ago that I call the Faerie Gardens. Oh! And time with my dog ~ or any dog. But especially my pup Melanie <3




On Refilling Your Creative Cup:

Though I’m an Earth sign, I have A LOT of Fire in my chart.

Aries, Aries, Aries everywhere,  including my Venus sign (passions) so I like to create things only to burn them down. Again and again and again. So I expend a lot of creator energy in a short amount of time creating things and then refill my creative cup as they burn to the ground.

The release feels really good to me and gives me that space to think up my next creation.

On Nature and time Outdoors:

I’m a nature being ~ an Earth sign, and I have strong spiritual roots in Avalon (Glastonbury, England) the home of the Fae, so nature is so very important to me. I go there every day to ground, especially when life feels overwhelming.

I also sell a grounding essential oil blend based on the feeling of walking barefoot in the forest with my friend Laura in our new line, Oils for Empaths. It’s helped and continues to help me tremendously.

On Community:

I didn’t mean to start a community when I first started out. I just wanted to shine light on the programming that has kept Intuitives (Empaths) feeling small. I thought I wanted to be ‘an Academic’ and just produce content for others to consume. However, over the past year or so this has changed and community has become very important to me and the diary! It built itself organically because I decided to share authentically  ~ the ups and downs. I share everything and others relate because they are going through the same things. 

I build through writing but also through the creation of free and paid workshops/worksheets and programs.

I feel strongly that embracing our creativity is how we heal ourselves and in turn, humanity.
— Robin Scott

Who inspires you artists? coaches? speakers? authors? people in your personal life?

This changes daily. My intuition leads so I can adore someone and feel ‘meh’ about them the next day. Because I’m drawn to them as I need them, and then not when I don’t. It’s all based on light codes; a light language. We are drawn to those who have the codes we need to activate our DNA to move us to our next place.

Right now I am inspired by Stacia Ashe, a poet and member of my soul family.

I am also drawn back to Rebecca Campbell and her work with Rise Sister Rise.

And because I’ve been in my Feminine and needing to rely a bit on the Masculine around me, I am feeling deeply inspired by my Twin (Flame) and his courage and ability to stay grounded through challenging things.


What advice to you have for someone struggling with creative blocks?

Walk away.

And listen to your body;

If your body is stressed or acting funny, it’s trying to tell you something. It knows what is right or wrong (for you) long before you do consciously. Pay attention, and know that what you are wanting to create will be created in perfect timing.


Something to Read - Your own surroundings and what the external world is trying to tell you about yourself internally.

Something to Watch - How you react to others and if it’s coming from a place of empowerment or a place of wounding.

Something to Listen to - Your own heart, the deep whispers of your intuition.

Something to Make - Changes to your life, it’s okay to let go of things.

Somewhere to Visit - Home, whatever that means. Be it the stars, the earth, or home with blood family.

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*Thanks for all the great photos Robin!! <3
Taken by Briana McCarron and Lisa Delorey.