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Introverts Love CSW!

We totally get it. Events like this can be intimidating at first, especially for introverts. That's why we like keep things small and simple. We know sharing space with others can be overwhelming but the whole point is to fill your creative cup, not drain you. We leave plenty of space for everyone to have alone time to recharge your batteries. In any way that feels good to you.


We want to create a space where you feel welcomed, relaxed and free to be yourself. So our hearts exploded when Jacquie recently shared her experience of Creative Soul Weekend 2017.

“When I was on my way to CSW in Port Hood I was a little anxious to be spending a whole weekend not knowing 7 out of 8 women attending. I am very much an introvert.

Not soon after, the nourishing food, creative activities, and laid back ‘do-whatever-you-feel-like, whenever’ attitude with the openness of those attending had me completely at ease. I’m grateful to have strong, female friendships in my life but if I didn’t attend CSW I wouldn’t have had the conversations and connections I made there with new people. It prioritized wellness, friendship, healing, joy and the importance of just taking time to be. It still has big ripple effects in my life now in 2019.”
— Jacquie B.

Thank you Jacquie!

Refilling Your Creative Cup

Refilling Your Creative Cup

We’ve been talking about the four themes of the Creative Soul Weekend over the past month or so, and today brings me to the last one: refilling your creative cup. It’s similar to the previous themes of self-care, the power of nature, and connecting with other creative women -- you could call these things the "holy trinity" of being a creative woman, except there are four of them, lol.

Why We Get Together With Other Women

Why We Get Together With Other Women

We all create alone - in studio, in a coffee shop, in our home office, at the kitchen table, wherever. Even if there are people around us at the time, in the act of creation we’re alone - just us and the work. And I don’t know about you, but in both my creative hobbies and my creative work, I tend to go all gung-ho until I hit a wall and burn out. Whether it's my hobby (gardening), or my job (designing and writing), I tend to get frustrated, but not only that, I think I’m the only one who’s ever felt this way.

And the thing that helps me, every single time that happens? Getting together with another woman or with a group of women who share my medium or at least my creative life, and talking about it.